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Products Information

Gas-fueled automobile components

Gas fuel (LPG and CNG) is rapidly becoming popular as an alternative energy thanks to its environmental performance, operating performance, and convenience. Demand for gas-fueled vehicles is expected to rise in future. In response to this, we are working to develop environmentally friendly, clean engine system products suitable for using the gas fuel supply technologies that we have fostered over many years.

Automobile components

Nikki develops and manufactures a wide range of components for general automobile engines, such as throttle chambers and power valves.

Industrial engine components and gaseous fueled general purpose engine components

We manufacture carburetors for use in a range of general purpose engines. Natural gas and LPG are viewed as a clean energy and we offer a variety of general purpose gas fuel supply devices for GHP and cogeneration engines that use this gas as fuel.

Engine electrical equipment

We develop and manufacture a wide range of electrical equipment such as electronic control units and sensors. By combining them with the fuel supply components provided by Nikki, you can offer them as fuel supply systems.

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